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Zapalování EHC pro Big Dog 2004 - 2008

Zapalování EHC pro  Big Dog 2004 - 2008

Zapalování EHC pro Big Dog 2004 - 2008 je náhrada jiného zapalování, kontroluje funkce vašeho motocyklu. EHC je vytvořena jako panel "Plug & Play" pro rychlou záměnu (asi 10 minut) oproti starému zařízení. Není třeba strávit několik hodin nad kabeláží, odstraňování apod. info níže (ENG)

  • Cena: 12900 Kč s DPH


EHC for Big Dog 2004 - 2008

This EHC replacement controlls the functions of your Big Dog bike. Our EHC are made as "Plug & Play" control boxes for a fast change (about 10 minutes) against the old device. There is no need to spend some hours for cablework, stripping etc...
Some changes compare to the original EHC provide a better performance and lifetime. A 2mm metal plate provides a better connection of the d-sub sockets to the potting material. Two rubber damper will reduce unwanted vibrations from the chassis to the EHC, what was one of the main issues at the old device. We think that our EHC is a more solid device compare to the original. By the way, we had tested some devices one hour with 60 degree C in the washing machine between socks and jeans and they still work fine :-)
The following functions are implemented:
- Flasher control
- Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher
- Control of low - and high beam.
- Control of ignition, starter and compression reliefs.
- Control of the horn
- Brake light control include dim function of the rear light
- 8 status led´s for the indication of the power outputs.

2 different EHC control boxes are available:

EHC 4C for 2004 models
EHC 58 for all carbureted and EFI models between 2005 and early 2008
The most outputs of the EHC are short circuit protected and self resetting when a short circuit is not present anymore. However, we recommend to put a 20 amp fuse in the main line between the battery and the EHC (red cable at the 2004 model, connector A3 at the other models). High temperatures on the board due to a short circuit in the harness or somewhere else at the bike result in small gaps in the epoxy material what result that the EHC is not waterprooved anymore.
Some additional functions are user programmable and can be changed at every time. Just press the horn button while turn on the ignition switch and your are in the "program" mode. A one time emergancy flash will indicate the program mode. A press on the right or left indicator button will switch on or off a small showflasher function. A press on the horn button will switch to the second program option. So, you can easily adjust your own setting with 7 steps. For further infos, just feel free to take a look to the manual (pdf).

Dimensions: 100 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Power consumption: About 80 uA in idle state
Box: ABS, potted with Epoxy 2k material, water resist
Main voltages: 8 - 20 Volt
Connections: 1 - 2 x d-sub, 5 additional cables (EHC4)
Max. temperature:
70 degree Celsius
Max. main current: 20 Ampere for about 20 seconds, 7 Ampere continous

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